This flanged, industrial refrigeration duty solenoid valve is very simple and compact but rugged in construction. Body is plated steel alloy with a direct lifting stainless steel plunger that contains a teflon seat that closes on a stainless steel orifice. When electrically energized, seat opens wide; when de-energized, it closes to stop flow in the arrow direction on the valve body.

These high quality valves are compact, strong and reliable. Stainless steel pistons with Teflon seals are used to overcome the problem of valve sticking due to dirt or lack of oil. Pilot seats are polished stainless steel on Teflon discs and main valve seats align for tight closing. These valves can be used in liquid. suction, hot gas, discharge, pump lines etc., where a strong opening, tight closing valve is required.


  • All Valves are spring closing.
  • All Valves have Teflon seat. One Solenoid Coil fits all Valves
  • Close-coupled strainers are available
  • Non Asbestos gasket, 300 PSI (21 bar) MOPD
  • MS6A / MS8A½' (15 mm) Ductile Iron Body
  • Suitable for Ammonia, CO2, R-22, R134a, R404a and other refrigerants

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