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Energy Savings in Ammonia refrigeration plan@ Ammonia Refrigeration Anand Joshi

Removing water and Oil at UNIVERSAL COLD using Manik WDO

Manik Make WDO removes water and dirt at LIBERTY FOODS

How Air and Water affects refrigeration plant performance? By Anand Joshi

George Ice plant energy performance improvement

AMMONIA SAMPLER helps to identify water content in Ammonia

Cold storage plant automation

Ammonia Dehydrator

Automatic air purger

Automatic hot gas defrost

Ammonia Leak detection

Automatic air purger at Unliver

Effects of Air and Water on Ammonia refrigeration plant

Ammonia plant automation and case study on ice cream plant

effects of air and water on ammonia refrigeration plant

“Train the Trainer” Workshop for NOU and UNEP Sri Lanka on topic effects of air and water in ammonia refrigeration plant

Ammonia refrigeration plant effects of air and water on it @ Ammonia Refrigeration Anand Joshi

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