The Manik MLS39 is a refrigerant liquid level switch used to electrically indicate or control a liquid level by opening or closing a SPDT/DPDT switch. The Float Chamber is made of Cast Steel which can sustain high
pressures upto 50Bars. The float chamber is also available in Cast Stainless Steel (CF8) which provides robust corrosion-free design. Long lasting independent LED Lamps provide quick indication of High and Low level
even from a distance. The precise and reliable electromechanical design provides long life performance for almost any application. For ease of installation, switch assembly position rotates 360°.

MLS 39 is used for various applications such as liquid level control in evaporators, protection switch for high and low level in pump re-circulatory vessels.

Liquid operating point can be easily adjusted. MSL39 is supplied with weldable flanges which is very easy to install, service and repair.



  • Safe Working Pressure → 28 bar
  • Operating Temperature → -45ºC to 55ºC
  • Suitable for NH3, R-22, R404a etc
  • Flange connection→ ¾' or 1' BW/SW.
  • Mechanically adjustable operating points.
  • Electromagnetic Heavy Duty Snap Acting 10A switch.
  • Easily replaceable switch box unit.
  • DIN connector for Electrical connection.
  • Flame proof version available on request.

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