The Liquid Level Controllers are available in 2 models. Type LC 101 AI & 39FI
The Liquid Controller consists of a float chamber and an electronic controller. It can be used on all non corrosive liquids such as Ammonia, Toluene, Freon etc.

The electronic controller has a bar graph display module installed to continuously display the rising & falling of liquid level inside the float chamber. The level controller is used to control the liquid level in various refrigeration applications.

These level controllers can also be used as a protection against too high & too low liquid levels.


  • Refrigerant R717 (NH3), HFC, HCFC.
  • Differential Adjustable between 10 to 40 mm.
  • Max operating pressure for float housing 19 bar.
  • Enclosure for float housing IP 65
  • Amplifier / controller is available in IP 65 wall mounting enclosure or DIN 1/4 for panel mounting enclosure.
  • Float Chamber and Amplifier are also available in flame proof enclosure.

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