INTRODUCTION : EcoNet concept is based on intermittently and efficiently evaporating water on a large area in front of the heat rejection surface of Mini – Split, Rooftop, Air Cooled Chillers, Condensers and Dry Coolers.

FEATURES : Water Spray System, Quick change type plastic nozzles connected in series or parallel arrangement in order to provide uniform coverage area for an effective evaporation process. Nozzles are designed to operate with very low pressure and they can operate with normal city mains water pressure 1.5 bar g
(21 psi g) / (15m ) and above.

ECONET : Non metallic mesh provides an effective coverage area for an efficient evaporation surface with minimal air pressure drop Meshes are fixed in front of the heat rejection surface via spacer bars and / or fixing brackets to suit the unit configuration. Various size sectional mesh panels are either joined together to
form a full mesh area or alternatively flexible mesh roll cut to fit to a required size in front of the heat rejection surface. This design provides easy maintenance and replacement for the mesh panels.

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