MANIK Engineers has introduced new series of Microcontroller based controllers. The new MPRCC is complete controller to operate compressors / chiller packages / condensing units. It can be used for Multi Cylinder compressor or with RACK system of multiple compressors.

The inbuilt features are
• Four Analog inputs ( 4 to 20mA) for pressure transmitter
e.g. compressor suction, discharge, oil and intermediate
• Four Digital inputs (potential free)
• Six Relay Outputs for Compressor Capacity Control
• Solenoid Valves and Compressor start stop
• Interlock for compressor start command
• Inbuilt time delay for Differential Oil trip
• Adjustable time delay for capacity control solenoid valves
• Adjustable Neutral Zone, Inter Stage Differential, Calibration
• Optional RS232 / RS485 port for communication
• Optional available Software for PC monitoring
Compact Single Enclosure unit. can be fitted into the panel
Operates directly on 230VAC, 50Hz Supply. No need of auxiliary
supply units. Simple to use key board 16 X 2 Line LCD Display
with Backlight

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