Ammonia Leak Detector


In response to today’s ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and performance Manik Engineers has introduced the Ammonia Leak Detector for Cold Chain Solutions. The Manik Ammonia Leak Detector provides precise, stable readings and even in demanding environments are simple to operate, fast, reliable and built to las



Three Level Alarm for each channel
First “Contamination”at 50 ppm
Second “Early Warning” at 150 ppm
Final”Alarm” at 250 ppm
These alarms have been designed as per international

• Single point and mulitpoint Alarm Units
• Operates on 230VAC, 50Hz, with inbuilt power supply for Ammonia Transmitters
• In-built Alarm Hooter
• LED Indication for Each Channel Contamination,
• Early Warning and Alarm Status • Overload protected
• Robust case for long life in harsh environments
• Continuous monitoring • Low zero point drift
• Stable Positioning• Long life sensor
• Easy maintenance / calibration • Reverse polarity protected
• 4 – 20 mA analog signal output from Transmitter
• 7” TFT Color touch screen graphic display
• Set point and relay output for individual channel.
• SMS alert on 5 phones
• LAN / Rs485 modbus protocol PLC / SCADA interface


Minimum detectable concentration 10 ppm
TWA value 50 ppm
Serious irritation level 250 ppm
Limit to tolerable breathing 500 ppm


Standard PLC
Resolution 1 ppm 1 ppm
Operating Temperature 0°C —> 50°C 0°C —> 50°C
Measuring Range 0 to 300 ppm / 0 to 1000 ppm 0 to 300 ppm / 0 to 1000 ppm
Supply Voltage 230VAC, 50Hz, 230VAC, 50Hz,
Transmitter Power Supply 24 VDC inbuilt / External provided with unit 24 VDC inbuilt / External provided with unit
Display 16X2 Lines LCD Display 7″ TFT Display
Sensor Open Circuit Indicated by “Open” Indicated by “Open”
Environmental Specifications IP 54 IP55
Sensor element Semi-conductor / Electrochemical Semi-conductor / Electrochemical
Instrument Accuracy 0.5% of full range 0.5% of full range


The overall performance of the instrument is obtained by combining the stated accuracy and any uncertainty due to the measurement process.


Dimensions and Weight :

Dimensions (mm) (H x W X D) Weight
IP-65 300 x 250 x 110 2.5 kg
Panel Mounting (Cutout) 207 x 157 x 150 2.8 kg
Panel 400 x 420 x 250 16.6 kg

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