Ammonia angle valve

Ammonia angle valves

Ammonia angle valves incorporate the highest flow performance for excellent performance by controlling or regulating the flow or through throttling. We Giving you the best variety of ammonia weld inline shut-off valves, ammonia weldable valve angle, check valves for ammonia, ammonia safety relief valves, compressor stop tal valves, and ammonia valves with effective & timely delivery. Best flow efficiency performs the “Max-Flow” valves pattern for use on nurse vessels and field storage tanks. Rugged ductile iron contains the global valve bodies which begin with a 1/4″ NPT port to provide for the installation of an associate. Long, trouble-free service is guaranteed by an accurate area stainless steel stem, Teflon “V” packing, and a field-proven swivel poppet among nylon seat.

Ammonia angle valves combine maximum flow efficiency for excellent performance by monitoring or controlling the flow or through throttling. Maximum flow performance does the “Max-Flow” valves ideal for use on nurse tanks and field storage tanks. Rugged ductile iron covers the global valve bodies which come with a 1/4″ NPT port to allow for the installation of an assistant. Long, the trouble-free setting is assured by an accurate ground stainless steel stem, Teflon “V” packing, and a field-proven swivel poppet with nylon bottom.

Ammonia is a key ingredient in fertilizers, which is why most ammonia plants are part of a fertilizer plant. Ammonia is also used as a coolant for refrigeration, in cleaning chemicals, and as an intermediate for any petrochemical production. Ammonia production is a complicated process that typically involves manufacturing hydrogen, before manufacturing ammonia through the Haber method. We give the precision-engineered valves needed in ammonia production requirements for regulator level control, compressor recycles, ammonia let down, steam conditioning, and venting that give precise control while facing high stress and high-pressure delta, high fluid velocity, temperature extremes, and corrosive materials.

Ammonia angle valves are designed and built to have an optimum mix of structural stability, flow performance, and effective places linked with the advantage of compact design and ease of movement. These valves are capable of withstanding pressure as high as 400 PSIG and can withstand temperatures as high as 200° F and as low as-60° F. These devices are guaranteed for five years against any construction defect.

These receiver valves are designed for installation on industrial refrigerating operations and civil and industrial air-conditioning systems. They are suitable for all refrigerant fluids except Ammonia.

Nitrogen is an essential plant nutrient and nitrogen-based manure is the largest of the three types produced. The method starts by mixing nitrogen from the air with hydrogen from natural gas at high temperatures and pressure to create ammonia. The ammonia is then utilized to produce nitrate fertilizers or mixed with carbon dioxide to create urea. For that purpose, ammonia plants are typically built as part of the fertilizer plant.


  1. Stainless Steel Stem – precision ground and polished.
  2. Field-proven nylon seat in swivel poppet retainer.
  3. Spring-loaded Teflon V-ring stems packing for positive seal & free-spinning handwheel.
  4. Ductile iron body – 400 lb. WOG.
  5. Parts interchangeable with all A-1200 Series Valves.
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