The Manik Hot-gas Defrost Station is an efficient way to defrost your coils and save on your time as well as electricity bills. Frosting on your coils can be melted by introducing Hot discharge gas from the compressor. This can be achieved by the Manik Hot-gas Defrost station with includes valve station and the intelligent electronic defrost control panel. With an automated Panel, no external electric heaters or water spray systems with drains are required which make the coil defrosting process easy and trouble-free. The Manik Defrost controller can be set to run at periodic intervals throughout the day. Hence after initial set-up the complete system runs without any human interference. These are available for both Gravity and Overfeed Systems.

The Manik Hot-gas Defrosting System consists of the following:

  1. Flow Regulating Valve (FRVA)
  2. Defrost Relief Valve (MDRV / MPRV)
  3. Automatic Liquid Drainer (ALD)
  4. Defrost Controller / Panel
  5. Hot-Gas Defrosting Valve Station

Note: These controls and control valves are available in various sizes as per customer requirements.

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