Safety Relief Valves


Type SFV 15 + DSV 2 & Type MHS 5601 + DSV 3, SFV 20/SFV 25 + DSV 4

SFV is standard, back pressure dependant safety relief valve in angle-way execution, specially designed for protection of vessels and other components against excessive pressure. The valve is designed to meet the strict quality demands and safety requirements for refrigeration installations, specified by the international classification societies. The valve is recommended as an external and internal safety relief valve in refrigeration plants. The spring housing is closed tightly to avoid refrigeration leakage. The valve can be delivered with set pressure between 10 to 25-bar g (145 and 363 psi g). Valves can also be supplied with non-standard set pressure between 10 to 25-bar g (145 & 363 psi g) in 0.5 bar g (7.25 psi g) increments, to suit the customers' specific requirements. Dual manifold is also available. Wide range is available from 15 mm to 25 mm of safety valve are 13 mm to 32 mm for dual manifold

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