Microcontroller Based Multi Function Temperature Controllers Type Mtic


Manik Engineers has introduced new series of Microcontroller based controllers. The new range of MTIC has many additional features however, packed in same enclosure. Hence can be used to replace existing TIC range of Controllers
Standard DIN Enclosure 96 X 96 X 150 mm Simple to use key board Dual 7 Segment LED Display Multiple Set Point options e.g. Single, Two, Three, Four, Five Range – 100°C to +200°C, Resolution 0.1°C, Accuracy ±0.2°C

  • Hysteresis ( Neutral Zone) adjustable 0.1°C to 10 °C
  • Calibration Adjustable ±20°C
  • Relay output
  • Optional Time delay for Relay Output
  • Optional RS232 / RS485 port for communication
  • Optional available Software for PC monitoring

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