Liquid Level Controller

The type 39FI is a sensitive liquid level controller consisting of a float chamber and an electronic controller. It can be used on all non-corrosive liquids such as Ammonia, Toluene, Freon etc. Type 39FI is a level controller with Level Indicator. The indicator module is mounted on controller consist 9 LEDs operating in bar graph mode. The indicator continuously displays the rising and falling of liquid level inside the float chamber. Liquid level controller type 39FI is used to control the liquid level in various refrigeration applications.

For example:

  • Flooded evaporators
  • Low pressure pump tanks in pump re circulation systems
  • Pump tanks in gas pump systems.
  • Intermediate coolers in two stage refrigeration plant.
  • Condensers
  • Plate freezers
  • The 39FI can also be used as a protection against too high or too low liquid levels.

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