Hand Held Digital Thermometer / Battery Operated Temperature Indicators


In response to today’s ever increasing demand for speed,accuracy and performance at an affordable price, Manik Engineers has introduced the hand-held digital
thermometers. The Manik Hand Held Digital 2000 Series provides precise, stable
readings, even in demanding environments are simple to operate, fast reliable and built to last. Some measurements take minutes using standard thermometers
due to poor thermal conductivity in the item being measured. Often a highly accurate answer is not required and an indicative answer showing that the reading is above or below a desired threshold will suffice.
On/off switch on front side.
Operates on easily available standard 9V battery cell.
Available for any RTD Pt-100, Pt-1000
Single instrument to read temperature with
various installed RTD
Speed Read for quicker indicative readings
Robust case for long life in harsh environments

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