Electronic Level Transmitter -Type Fks 41


The level transmitter type FKS 41 can measure the liquid level in containers with refrigerant. FKS 41 can be mounted in a standpipe to the container, and the pipe is designed so that oil cannot settle at its bottom. FKS 41 transmits an active 4-20 mA signal which is proportional to the liquid level. The 4-20 mA signal froFKS 41 can be connected to a controller which then will control the liquid level.
PRINCIPLE : The rod consists of two pipes – an inner pipe and an outer pipe. The liquid will flow up between the two pipes, and by measuring the electrical capacitance between the pipes it is possible to register how much of the rod is covered by liquid. The signal is transmitted as a current signal from 4 to 20 mA, 4 mA when the rod does not register liquid – and 20 mA when the entire rod is surrounded by liquid. The rod comes calibrated from the factory to NH3, so that it will cover 4 to 20 mA throughout the ro d’s whole measuring range. Any disturbances in connection with the level measurement will be damped internally.

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