System Cleaner removes the Water, Dirt and Oil from Ammonia System that air purger leaves behind The MANIK WDO is the only system cleaner that boosts

  • Lower Installation Cost
  • Self Regulating Operating
  • Shortest Payback Time
  • Energy-Neutral Operation
  • Very Low Maintenance

How you can tell if there’s water in your system ?

Air-purgers only removes non-condensibles like air. If your air-purger has been venting air, it’s been leaving behind the water vapour that’s always in the air. If your recirculating evaporator is operating a few degrees warmer than the pressure indicates, this could be due to water in Ammonia. If water comes out of your oil pot before the oil, there is water in your system.

You can easily measure the concentration of Water in your system
with the graduated Ammonia Sampling Container.

Compressor Exit Temperature Increase

Water Present 0% 10% 20%
Comp Exit Temp 0°F 10°F 23°F

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