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Compressor Capacity Control Valves3

E series is a direct or pilot operated Solenoid Valve. These valves can be supplied with either Flanged type


Pt100, Pt1000 are available for various applications such as special design for cold storage.

Digital Temperature Indicators and Controllers9

MICROWATCH ANNUNCIATER: The Microwatch ASO is a specially designed for tripping of plants such as refrigeration

Water Line Solenoid Valves2

FOR AIR, WATER, BRINE, STEAM AND LIGHT OIL These valves are suitable for most types of industrial application.

Thermostatic Expansion Valve1

The Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TEV) controls the flow of liquid refrigerant entering.

Cold Room Alarm1

Consisting of control unit with acoustic-visual warning, it comes complete with buffer battery

Data Logger1

Multipoint Temperature / Pressure / Humidity with printer interface are available to monitor / store / on line print

Level Detection System1

Single point and mulitpoint Alarm Units Operates on 230VAC, 50Hz, with inbuilt power supply for Ammonia.

Hot Gas Defrost1

Frost Control is a complete electronic controller with real time for hot gas.

Capacity Controller5

Manik Engineers has introduced new series of Micro controller based controllers.

Energy Saving Equipment5

System Cleaner removes the Water, Dirt and Oil from Ammonia System that air purger leaves.

Line Components3

Check valve type SNRVA can be used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines in refrigeration

Safety Valves1

SFV is standard, back pressure dependant safety relief valve in angle-way execution, specially designed for protection

Liquid Line Strainer1

Strainer type TA with interchangeable filter insert is used in lines carrying fluorinated refrigerants

Pressure And Temperature Regulators5

Main valve type SPM is specially developed to regulate pressure and temperature

Solenoid Valves5

SVRA is a direct or servo operated solenoid valve for liquid, suction and hot gas lines with ammonia

Liquid Level Controller5

The Liquid Controller consists of a float chamber and an electronic controller.

MSVL Series Valves4

MSVA Stop Valves are available in angleway and straightway versions and with Standard

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